First I went to school and took pictures all day. . .

then I ended up having to stay there until one thirty because two of my dancer friends, and myself were chosen to be featured in a (public service announcement), commercial about teenagers and STD's. HIV being the most severe. At first it was an assembly for all girls, led by the wonderful actresses themselves, Regina King, Tamela Jones, and Jill Marie Jones, then at the end was the infomercial. I had to speak about teenage girls, and how to make them feel stronger. Men bring women down in all different shapes and forms and as a leader, it is my job to be a roll model to those who are younger than me and are already making mistakes. These women preferred that young ladies do not participate in sexual activity, but the reality is that most of them do and strongly encourage all to use protection. They spoke on some of their stories as young teenage girls...it was very deep. I won't get into this any further, but with that said. Wrap it up!