Fancy Footwork

Stripper platforms all dolled up...
My two favorite of the many works of art at PRB Press office. One of my favorite showrooms yet.Maybe I'll use them in a shoot? Only time will tell...



A bunch of friends went out to the V-Lounge in Santa Monica to celebrate Rocmon's birthday...the DJ was super dope. The music went from rap&hip hop to Michael Jackson, Vanity 6, Prince, Rick Ross, etc. I had the time of my life dancing all night and chatting with good people. Priceless nights :)

Photo Credit: Sarah Kh


The W

Joyrich x Complex Mag Installation After party at the W Hotel in Hollywood. My good friend Eric Burns (Stylist and Designer of Prep Jerks), was the main stylist of the fashion show. The after party was dope. "After the party was the after party" at K24 where we ate good food and chopped it up til 4 in the morn, all about fashion. Good times!
Photo Credit: Sarah Kh, she's visiting from France. She's dope!




Yet another line of "mascuiline feminine" wear to hit the streets. My friends never understood when I would wear a pair of sweatpants with heels, or dress similar to that of a guy with a feminine twist. I bet they'll do it now! All it takes is more than one person to follow a trend to give people validation. But when you are the only one doing it, the jokes on you...Dare to be different.

BLINDFOLD EYEWEAR Spring/Summer11 LookBook

"California Rose" 2011 Collection...
The Renaissance of Ready-to-Wear facial art.

Charlie Brianna releases her first Spring/Summer collection "California Rose", made especially for women. Though the current fashion trends are that of a futuristic sensation, this collection manifests timeless artistry to remind fashion enthusiasts that simplicity speaks LOUD. California Rose has a mixture of flowers, pearls, chain, swarovski stones, iridescent beads, and vintage frames.
available NOW!

Limited Edition. Hurry while the specs last!

Special thanks to
Photographer.Milan Carter
Models.Rica Wade, Suanny Serpas
MUA.Rebekah Aladdin
Hair Stylist.Natasha Buitrago
Videographer.Whitney Smith
Creative Director B. Thomas
Stylist.Charlie Brianna
Agent Icon Showroom
Mink Pink
American Apparel
and Darrin Butler!


Fashionable Intellect

My friends read, do yours? ;)

Friday night was great. I went to the book store with my two handsome friends and had dinner at midnight. We read up on current events, fashion trends from the present and past (mainly YSL) , books about love, motivation, and so much more. I need more nights like these...pure fun.

Queen Bri

Laugh now, you'll be doing it later. Story of my life.

Cambridge Satchel

PERFECT for the summer!


If you haven't heard of PRB you might wanna reconsider where you stand in the fashion game. PRB is an exclusive showroom/press office where all the stylists pull amazingly flamboyant wardrobe and costumes for artists such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, and The Kardashians just to name a few.

Before working as an understudy PR/Stylist for the showroom, I pulled there a couple of times for Shaunie O'Neal and Amber Riley while I was Mr. Bradshaw's assistant. Now, I'll be gaining some experience in public relations while still meeting all of the stylists who come through! Very excited for the connections to be made.


Next month I am debuting my men's line for BLINDFOLD Eyewear! The photoshoot is going to be great with all styling done by yours truly. Don't we all love a jazzy guy in a dope pair of shades?!
Stay tuned!