First I went to church with my BEAUTIFUL grandmother, Momo. She's who I get my style from:) 

FINALLY met my baby cousin, JAXSON PETER, for the first time. I fell in love. . .

my FAVORITE part of the day- got in the POOL with Taylor and Brittni! Fun fun fun!

watched Brittni try to be housewife in the kitchen and make the food.

Cheeseburger,hot dog, and curly french fries...ate it up! Gahhh I am fat.

 After this very long and cool day. I started to make me and Brittni's invitations for our Black n White dinner party this Friday for our 18th Birthday! Mom made me leave early at wack ass 830 so I did not finish...only to come home to a house that is burning up inside. I can't take this. I need to get back into the pool!




Friday was normal. Went to school, got picked up by my dad. Went to kinkos to handle some CalArts business, then headed home. Got a little sleepy so I took a nap before DADA. Woke up to an empty house. So I washed the dishes, then got dressed for dance class and my mom arrived to pick me up just in time. As I am rushing so I won't be late, I got a phone call from someone who needed me to still do the fashion show. I was not going to perform the dance without our 3rd group member, Kyvon (who flaked on us) so I told her it wasn't possible. According to her, everything was possible at the moment. They needed us, we were already listed on the program. So I called up my other dance partna' and told her the dilemma. Long story short, we work things out in a matter of 20 minutes. Went to a little store and bought some tights,borrowed shirts and shoes,and made it there twenty minutes before the start of the show! That's what you call making things work on a moments notice. We got there, got dressed, and practiced the piece without Kyvon which made counts a little different. Everything worked out, we worked that stage!  

preparation  for the fashion show. . .

And after performing I had a one shot photoshoot with my sister in the bathroom.


Fashionably Late, April 24

I am very upset. I was looking forward to this event, only to find out at the last minute that its 21+        
They should have said that on the flyer!!!
BUT.If you are 21+ I strongly suggest you check it out...
Support UNI!

The Neck Scarf

I didn't feel like doing my hair, so I wore it this way.


Fashion Show!

Westchester High School will be hosting its first annual AFTERSCHOOL fashion show!

This will be a big events, all schools were invited, and upcoming fashion designers.

The show will take at Westchester Highschool: 7400 W Manchester Ave. LA, CA 90045

When: 6p.m-8pm.

Come support!Oh yeah, I am dancing in the show!

This feeling. . .

man, I never have this feeling. And I dont know why I am having it now...maybe its because my 18th birthday is next week..........but........I FEEL LIKE PARTYIN! whew might find one to go this weekend. I never party. Lets party!!!

Mi amor. . .

Definately cannot wait to cop this album. . .man o man, words just could never explain.(sighs)


First I went to school and took pictures all day. . .

then I ended up having to stay there until one thirty because two of my dancer friends, and myself were chosen to be featured in a (public service announcement), commercial about teenagers and STD's. HIV being the most severe. At first it was an assembly for all girls, led by the wonderful actresses themselves, Regina King, Tamela Jones, and Jill Marie Jones, then at the end was the infomercial. I had to speak about teenage girls, and how to make them feel stronger. Men bring women down in all different shapes and forms and as a leader, it is my job to be a roll model to those who are younger than me and are already making mistakes. These women preferred that young ladies do not participate in sexual activity, but the reality is that most of them do and strongly encourage all to use protection. They spoke on some of their stories as young teenage was very deep. I won't get into this any further, but with that said. Wrap it up!

Monday, El Torito's w/ Marques.



Today was a cool day. I went to school and did pretty much nothing because I only have one class-economics, which was pretty chill today. SO...I just walked around school all day then sat under my favorite tree with Bobbie and took pictures. After that, I got caught sitting under the tree, which is considered trespassing since I don't have a second third or fourth period I am technically not supposed to be on campus.
Afterschool I went to eat lunch with Marques at El Torito's...but I'm getting sleepy right now so those pictures will be posted tomorrow!