I have...

SO MUCH MORE TO POST! but will do so tomorrow or the next day cuz im about to hit the sack. Tired from work and have a full schedule this weekend. Its the end of my first week at UO and they are already workin' me like no otha. but thats cool cuz I need the money more than anything. Im in debt! w/(marques and big sister) bigtime. TTYL!

A La Grove`

idk. liked his outfit his especially,

looked for which movie to see... Sex and The City Movie Promotion Day...I forgot the name of this band but I love their music lol
it was jam packed at the grove this day...
my cute boyfriend
a picture he took of me :)

went down to the first floor.
him and her
drankin' that drank and at the end...Welcome to the Grove!

May twenty fourth. Went to the grove with Marques to see Iron Man. It was a pretty cool movie but we couldn't stay awake the whole movie. We were extremely tired from prom and afterprom that night before!

Zip Zero

Stingy with friendzo.Two weeks ago I clearly stated a sentence that obviously hit someone in the wrong spot. I see nothing wrong with what was said because it was not a serious,die hard,slap in the face type of statement.I'm a very sarcastic and humorous person and people that know me,know that.Anyway,I would not say that I have a best friend that resides in California.However,I have a friend who was the best friend I had.Long story short-she is no longer cool with me for my choice of words that were certainly not offensive.Yes, I am upset about that but there's nothing for me to do because I did not do anything wrong. My boyfriend thinks I'm being a "simp" because I care about our friendship that was recently damaged. I think different. Its okay for someone to care about their friends and what happens without being considered a simp. So fuck what he says about that, I don't care. All I know is that my dear friend,and her best friend were the only real friends I had. Although they already have their certified bestfriendshipness, I still felt like a part of them. There was no leaving each other out. Well, this is where I'm confused. Its been two weeks since the "incident" or whatever they consider it to be,happened. Yesterday something weird... I was at school (surprisingly) and she came up to me and gave me a hug. I asked her was she cool with me now and she told me to SHUT UP and she WALKED AWAY. I am more than three thousand percent confused about that and I most definitely do not know why it happened or what that was. Anyway, this is my first friendless summer lol. Well its not really funny but...everyone I talk to is not referred to as my friend. So I wonder how I'll have fun this summer because Marques is scared of the water (punk ass) and it's no fun gettin' in by yourself. So...until next time. doodles.


more prom.

notice I had to keep my hands on my hips? Couldn't lower them my dress was too big. Whew sexy!
The champagne Party came inside the bedroom,
Cousin,Twin,and I.
Me+my big sis. The Designer,B.
She did it!
Jazz,Kyvon,Marques,and myself.
what you say Jazz?

Same pose all night lol.

First Day

got to work at twelve only to find out I am scheduled to be there at 4pm. So I went across the street to Starbuck's and bought some hot chocolate. Waiting to be picked back up... Got to work at four and learned a lot for the first three hours,went on my 1hour lunch break. Walked down to Johnny Rocket's and ordered chili cheese fries and a hot dog,with coke.studied the restaurant as I waited for my food.
finally got the food. And ate it.

walked back down to Starbucks to chill for the rest of my lunch break. Went back to work,had fun. The END.



I'm feeling really productive... according to these past two days of my life. Yesterday as I was pulling up to the Beverly Center with Marques I received a business call from a very familiar number that I had been dialing continuously for two weeks. It was the hiring manager, Vivian, from Urban Outfitters calling to offer me a position in the Men's department. I delightfully accepted this much needed offer with endless excitement. Tomorrow is orientation beginning at 7AM! Whew. Im going to sleep early tonight. But anyway, on with the story of progress. 
Last night I needed to prepared for my first behind the wheel test so I asked my dad to drive me around the neighborhood so he could assure that I was ready to be tested. I parallel parked for the first time, did it five times, and succeeded three times! I did pretty good being that I had never performed this driving maneuver before. AND....I drove the freeway! Twice in one night. Two and fro' home. I was a nervous wreck and the windshield wipers made the front window dirty so I could barely see at night. Very scary.
Woke up this morning, watches another one of my sister performances with Fergie in New York this time, for the fiftieth time. It was the nice watching the same performance, considering that I know the whole dance now lol. But moving on...My mom finally talked to the assistant principal of the Senior Class at my school in regards to my little...umm...thing I have going on. That was a success. (of course none of you know what I'm talking about.muahahahahhaah). After that, headed on down to the Hawthorne DMV (drove the freeway) to take my behind the wheel test. First time so I didn't know exactly how the process was going to go...but long story short, I got my license bitch! Wheeeew yahahhaa!
Now that I have my license and a new job I am going to use my money wisely and save up for Debbie Allen Summer Intensive, as I just got moved up and I will be going on pointe starting next saturday. Yay for me! My newly learned pointe technique will continue on at CalArts beginning this fall. (yay) SO.basically.... I'm feeling progress. Thank you for your time!


Shame on,

ME. I have so much to tell and show with so little time. I've been horrendously busy for the past week and a half,but on the extreme are currently reading the blog of the newest URBAN OUTFITTERS EMPLOYEE! whew for me! God knows I needed this job...I don't know if it will be quite as fun as hot dog on a stick (sighs) but it's working with fashion and that's my calling. Orientation this Wednesday at SEVEN a.m. omggg. But anyway, probably won't be back blogging uncontrollably until after Sunday. SO,until then,or the next time...toodles!

Class of 08

panaramic photograph.
as you can see,had to bleep out a few hoes i could care less about.


Americas Next Top Model Is...

I must say, I am very proud of Whitney. She is the first "full figured" girl to win the competition of ANTM,let alone the only "full figured" model to make it that far in the competition period. To me, however, this was the weakest cycle of ANTM. It wasn't exciting enough for me. Maybe the show could just be getting old,or it was not a good selection of model hopefuls. If you ask me, the best decision the judges ever made was choosing Eva. She has done the best job of all the winners and we,the audience,see her the most.Well...Whitney it is.Hopefully Fatimah,Dominique,Claire,and Anya were picked up by other modeling agencies.Hopefully the next cycle is better. But until then, here we have....WHITNEY.


What's goin' on?

I'll tell you...Today is Monday,May 12. I went to my one class then recited my spoken word to Ms Paul. According to her,the content of my speech was amazing but I needed to bring it to life. She told me to say the speech with the same energy that I dance with. Imagine I was in a theater acting out my lines...that's the way she wanted the speech. I know its super dramatic but if I want that spot I'll do what it takes. Besides,it will be that much more interesting to the audience I guess lol. SO, I have to work on it. Other than that,here's what's poppin' (shakes head)...I have less than two weeks until prom-which is next Friday. My boyfriend and I are less then halfway ready for this wonderful occasion to be. However,my sister leaves town again tomorrow so we should be just about ready before she leaves (she's my personal stylist)...Unfortunately, I still owe the school $176 for lost text books over the years.That's a lot of money for three books,but whatever. Tuesday I take my behind the wheel test for the first time and hopefully I pass,God knows I need to. Also,I've got the senior breakfast,senior picnic,grad night,graduation,and the Debbie Allen Dance Recital coming up! I can't wait until all of these events have come and gone because I have my personal projects I'd like to get started on (my tee shirt boutique & my magazine), how exciting it will be. I plan on living it up this Summer-hopefully I get the job at American Apparel or Urban Outfitters,fun fun fun,getting ready for my move to CalArts! and even tho it most likely will not be the 3 week trip I planned on taking to New York, I'll probably just take a 5 day visit for now. Looks like I've got a lot I'm excited about cuz this is a super long blog. Peace!

Its me suckas!


Dear Momo,

My Lovely grandmother on Mothers day!

you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey!


my first,

for the love of dance...(located on my wrist)


Charlie at school on her eighteenth birthday...when the day was good!

Marques, Bobbie,Frankie,MikeD and I patiently waiting for three hours. . .before everything went bazooka...(you'd have been amazed at all of the underground drama that was in effect)

So as you all may know, and for those of you who are just getting to know me,or maybe just readers of my blog, my EIGHTEENTH birthday was last Friday, May 2. I knew it wasn't going to be all super exciting because I have a lot of senior year expenses and college deposits to make, so I couldn't do anything big. However, I planned to have a birthday dinner with a friend of mine who shares the same birthday,I figured that would be fun enough. Long story short, I was definitely wrong. All of my birthdays have been delightfully acceptable and exciting, this one however, was the absolute worst. Not only because of all the drama and foul actions that were made at the restaurant,but my friends even ditched me over the weekend. Fucked the plans and did their own things...and all of my family didn't even show up to lunch on Sunday.but hey, I'm 18 and I just had to get over it. I didn't dwell on it for a week like I would have if I were any younger, but I'm officially a young adult and it only upset me for the weekend. Which was okay, I had every right to be upset. So many lessons were learned that weekend, number one being that I am true friend and certainly have less than a handful.On the bright side,me and Marques had a good time together, he was there for me all weekend! And I got my first tattoo!


Mandatory Senior Meeting

I am finally beginning to realize that this is it for more highschool. Exciting, but hard to swallow!