Zip Zero

Stingy with friendzo.Two weeks ago I clearly stated a sentence that obviously hit someone in the wrong spot. I see nothing wrong with what was said because it was not a serious,die hard,slap in the face type of statement.I'm a very sarcastic and humorous person and people that know me,know that.Anyway,I would not say that I have a best friend that resides in California.However,I have a friend who was the best friend I had.Long story short-she is no longer cool with me for my choice of words that were certainly not offensive.Yes, I am upset about that but there's nothing for me to do because I did not do anything wrong. My boyfriend thinks I'm being a "simp" because I care about our friendship that was recently damaged. I think different. Its okay for someone to care about their friends and what happens without being considered a simp. So fuck what he says about that, I don't care. All I know is that my dear friend,and her best friend were the only real friends I had. Although they already have their certified bestfriendshipness, I still felt like a part of them. There was no leaving each other out. Well, this is where I'm confused. Its been two weeks since the "incident" or whatever they consider it to be,happened. Yesterday something weird... I was at school (surprisingly) and she came up to me and gave me a hug. I asked her was she cool with me now and she told me to SHUT UP and she WALKED AWAY. I am more than three thousand percent confused about that and I most definitely do not know why it happened or what that was. Anyway, this is my first friendless summer lol. Well its not really funny but...everyone I talk to is not referred to as my friend. So I wonder how I'll have fun this summer because Marques is scared of the water (punk ass) and it's no fun gettin' in by yourself. So...until next time. doodles.