I'm feeling really productive... according to these past two days of my life. Yesterday as I was pulling up to the Beverly Center with Marques I received a business call from a very familiar number that I had been dialing continuously for two weeks. It was the hiring manager, Vivian, from Urban Outfitters calling to offer me a position in the Men's department. I delightfully accepted this much needed offer with endless excitement. Tomorrow is orientation beginning at 7AM! Whew. Im going to sleep early tonight. But anyway, on with the story of progress. 
Last night I needed to prepared for my first behind the wheel test so I asked my dad to drive me around the neighborhood so he could assure that I was ready to be tested. I parallel parked for the first time, did it five times, and succeeded three times! I did pretty good being that I had never performed this driving maneuver before. AND....I drove the freeway! Twice in one night. Two and fro' home. I was a nervous wreck and the windshield wipers made the front window dirty so I could barely see at night. Very scary.
Woke up this morning, watches another one of my sister performances with Fergie in New York this time, for the fiftieth time. It was the nice watching the same performance, considering that I know the whole dance now lol. But moving on...My mom finally talked to the assistant principal of the Senior Class at my school in regards to my little...umm...thing I have going on. That was a success. (of course none of you know what I'm talking about.muahahahahhaah). After that, headed on down to the Hawthorne DMV (drove the freeway) to take my behind the wheel test. First time so I didn't know exactly how the process was going to go...but long story short, I got my license bitch! Wheeeew yahahhaa!
Now that I have my license and a new job I am going to use my money wisely and save up for Debbie Allen Summer Intensive, as I just got moved up and I will be going on pointe starting next saturday. Yay for me! My newly learned pointe technique will continue on at CalArts beginning this fall. (yay) SO.basically.... I'm feeling progress. Thank you for your time!