“They label me a bisexual freak stripper that f*cks Kanye on a daily basis. ”
“I want to change the face of modeling. I want young girls growing up to know that they can actually eat something, and be beautiful and be a model”


Your Guilty Pleasure

*photos originally taken for American Apparel's California Select blog


Dr. Kanye West



of FASHION.You feel me?

First & Foremost

remember who did what first. . .



You ever watch those shows like driven or behind the music? Those shows where they sit back and tell you the history of such and such artist and who they used to hang with and who they're friends with and how they knew each other back in the day before they were big. That's us. I think about this on the daily. Someday it'll be "yeah man, he took our photos first."

I think about shit as simple as the fact that the jerk movement blew up at Hami. Now mind you, I don't listen to jerk music really but I can remember when Jeremy and I would bullshit in 5th period. We were supposed to be doing work but fuck that, haha. I went to his studio and we chilled and had a few laughs. Look at this guy now, Mr. JHawk. He's not super famous but he's getting there, mad props. Adrian Martin, my fellow photog. He's doing it big. His success also came with the jerk movement. He captilized off of that and he's going places. Much love to him and JINC.

We're all connected. You think of big names now a days like Jay-Z and Kanye and you gotta remember that they're friends. Like Cudi and Kanye and Pharrell and Nigo. We all do our own thing and do our thing with each other to make collaborative greatness.

WHOOPI! He got me into blogging and made me want to really hone my craft and not be a poser at photography. Peep his blog, he edits freee lance for companies and is quite the hollywood socialite on the DJ scene.

Not just music. Mera Juanese. Fashion, I remember seeing some shit you drew. I see your success. And Jasmin Alexandria has the dopest fashion blog and makes her own stuff from time to time.

Tyler the mother fucking Creator. This guy, we chilled a few times at Wendy's when he was supposed to go to Hami. Imagined if that happend, that would've been dope. Anyway this nigga is ppls with Left Brain and that nigga is chill as fuck and a dope producer and the brother of one of my closest friends. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. The OF crew is big. Even Syd the Kid. Dope ass producer, I had photography class with this girl. We would sit there and talk about nothing, she's the chillest person on the planet. And its like she's on her way. You have producers and you have rappers as well.

Fucking Marz. I met Marz back in the day when they did that blastbeat shit. Hella cool talented young lady. Have you heard her? TOP HEAVY is on! lmao. Like I'm looking forward to when she drops her shit. She's gonna be ill. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. She's mad cool with my boy Toussaint. Another ill photographer. This guy and I had the craziest convos talking about plots and bitches lmfao. Back in the day and its like yo, we're all on the come up. He's cool with that nigga Anwar and Casey Veggies camp. CV is young and getting his work done. You have to respect this hustle. I saw him at a party once. Hand shake and peace, respect. We all know who the others are. We shine and nod at those that shine alike.

Twitter is crazy nowadays. Casey's in the studio with Mann. MANN!! Dijon, this fool. I was running, dropped my glasses and thought I lost them. Next day he's like bro, you dropped your glasses yesterday. We went to summer school and did chemistry son! lmao. And these dudes are recording with Shawn Chrys who went to school with my brother and they're homies. It's ALL LOVE. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

Then I think of my friend Alex. This nigga dances, sings, and acts all damn well. He has it in him to make it as we all do. I told him to get like Charlie Brianna. She's on her fashion tip having celebs rocking shades she designed herself. Thats dope as hell to me. And she's booking dance gigs for award shows and videos and things of that nature. The success of my peers makes me happy. And Crystal, I mean Charlie is the good friend of my homie Ross Lake. Another young MC bringing heat to the table along with the likes of Imon. I used to think Iman was the sickest krumper ever, lmao. That's the homie too man. SHEESH!

Blastbeat days. Lonnie had asked me to be the photographer for this and I accepted. SomeWhere else went from A-6 to Dublin. That's crazy!!! Can't twait til they drop they're stuff too. And of course I have to mention illie. Those are my boys. CHECK THEM OUT GODDAMNIT!!!! And they roll with Verbs. This guy hosts the Spliff sometimes and Bananas which is run by Gumshoe another one of my peoples. Verbs is a sick MC and member of the Swim Team. Project Blowed is no joke man. Check them out and open your world to more dope music.

My point is. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. Diddy can throw a bash and have all his successful, wealthy, and talented counterparts celebrate with him. Let us do the same, sooner than later ya know. Not saying we all need become sell outs or lose our dignity but let us all become successful.

I wish you all the best. See you at the top.
Written by: Tundae

Rica Reklaw

Model-Rica Reklaw
Stylist- B. Thomas
Photographer- Thomas Earl
shades designed by BLINDFOLD

Behind The Scenes

Choreographer, Tricia Miranda and Singer/Songwriter, Kimberly Cole
wearing shades by BLINDFOLD.
Images will arrive soon...Until then, enjoy the sneak peek honeys!



Happy New Year!

Vintage Leather Jacket
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Vintage Super Boots
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