the birthday suit

wheeeew the joy of the birthday suit!

the Diana+F camera

this debating. This film camera is great for close up photography and distance. since im officially starting my photography hobby Im in the process of investing in the right entry level camera. This Diana+F camera is a hot comodity coming from one of my frequent websites, Surpisingly, this camera is crafted entirely of plastic! It was created back in the 1960's, running for about one dollar. Too bad I couldn't catch it back then because now this camera costs $175- which is not bad at all now a days. Not only is this an amazing camera, but its very appealing to the eye at the same time :) you gotta love it!



this here...this is B. The older offspring of my parentals. She is a professional dancer for Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas. She is also a beautician, a fashion designer, an artist, and she can do make up! Once she gets her big break as a professional fashion designer she will be the hottest thing to hit the streetz! So watch out America....she's hot! By the way, when I can capture some photos of her designs I will be sure to post them. Stay tuned!

Peace Please...

so this idea was very creative but yet the disgrace of being's minds. It seems we will never have whirled peas. (world peace) lol.


my first.

so its my first gonna use this blogspot to share the many things that interest me and the adventures of my life. which merely consists of going to work at the wonderful Hot Dog on A Stick, dancing, shopping at vintage and thrift stores, and going to that saddening place I unfortunately have to wake up to for about 5 more months; that would be Westchester HighSchool. Where the doodoo mamas reside, the wanna be gang bangers haunt their preys, and the unofficial teachers whose credentials were illegally printed and documented in exchange for one dollar- teach.