Seanmichael and Troy

photos are not in chronological order (ugghhh!) well, I hung out with seanmichael and troy the other day. went to venice beach snapped some photos,got a henna tattoo,bought one nasty/cold hot dog for one dollar alongside a cold bottle of pepsi,purchased my ultimate favorite popcorn; I like to call it "the 4 dollar big bag of kettle corn at venice beach" oh my god I love it you would too if you had four bucks,went to ateam shoe shop,then to the burger stand to buy a good ol burger and fries only to remember that there's a bad tomatoe phase going around right now so my cheeseburger was going to be half as good as usual,then finally back to seanmichael's house to make art while the weedheads did what they do best. cool day and night, i had fun.

what she wore


Don Quixote`

two of my costumes...

The Debbie Allen Dance Academy presents The Don Quixote` Ballet Recital.

photos I take

that I like.


Disneyland Grad Night

the bus ride.

the arrival...I expected so much more of this night,but then again, I chose the wrong guest.


Live out your imagination...

not your history.

You see, I wish the world were a utopia. I envision  world with candy coated rainbows, and blue desserts-filled with beautiful white horses...and where orange juice is the new water. I could only imagine endless possibilities and opportunities. And I must say, my life has been an adventure. I consider myself to be a fun filled character who lives out imaginative contemplations of future endeavors- regardless of past hindrances and obstacles. Now, I'm quite sure we could all think of our own utopias- cleverly created and suited to each of our designs. But one thing we should all believe is that yesterday's fail should never put a hold on tomorrow's attempt at success. In order for anything to happen we must first believe it! Believing that you can do something alongside a positive attitude makes a huge difference in the way things happen. SO,if there is anything I want to leave with you all today there's this; whatever happened in the past-leave it in the past, imagine your future the way YOU desire, and believe that it can happen! Last but not least, I'd like to take this time to thank the beautiful Ms. Sass, Ms. Paul, Ms. Stebbins, Mr. Barrow, Mr. Mitchell, and Mr. Terranova. You all have personally made my experience here at Westchester delightful and unforgettable. Thank you! (graduation speech)

Graduated with a 4.0 GPA!

Live out your imagination...



Anybody remember me with black hair? Just found this old picture

Charlie Brianna

"Yeah! You know, that day she wore that...umm...with those...."
It's been asked of me to post pictures of what I I guess if I can remember to capture my outfits it will work out.

that day she wore...

I don't know what it was but this day was super crazy.