It's Official.

Yesterday, African American history was made! Barack Obama has officially sealed the democratic nomination to campaign for actual Presidency of the United States as Clinton maneuvers for the VP slot. However, here's an issue I'd like to address; Obama is black and white. So why is he considered to be "black"? All these commentaries about this black man, but yet and still he is white just as much as he is black. That's a problem in America. People are judged from the outside and never really acknowledge what's on the inside...just thought I'd share that. But for the younger generations, history was made yesterday and will be featured in their history books once they get to high school. Hillary Clinton will concede to Obama at the end of this week. It's interesting to me to that The Clinton's and company stated that she and John McCain met the qualifications to become president, not Barack because of his ethnic background. Low and behold, he is the nominee today and hopefully will be the first President of the United States with a black background!