Cassie models the latest looks for DimePiece designs...


Three Misses--and a Mister

Mr Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and Keri Hilson are my target audience for my glasses line right now. They are the best of the best artistically and fashionably. I believe they will represent a really good look for the custom shades designed by Charlie Brianna. And given the fact that I am indeed a hustla, I am bound to make it happen. Think like a celebrity- be a celebrity. Think like a living legend--I will be a living legend. I will one day,soon and very soon, be signing autographs for my own fans in due time, and all those who didn't believe in me or the things I do will come knocking--im sure. And if they dont, hey thats cool too. With that said, I am destined to reach out to my future fellow entertainers with my product. Speaking of which, Thanks to Lil Mama for being one of the first rappers to rock the shades!!! Hold me to it! 

Last but not least, just thought I might throw in there that it is now a given fact-Lady Gaga and Kanye West WILL be touring together this fall with Akon as an opening act. You can count me IN,,,but until then-Live and Give...


Knockin My Boots

Behind the scenes of Lil Mama's photoshoot for her birthday party promotion flyers...wearing custom shades designed by Charlie Brianna!

Some Stability

basic photos I sent in to model for American Apparel, I figured why not give it a shot!


Twenty One



Rhinestone Me.

Vintage Golden Glasses from the 80's that I designed for Ford Model, Algo Brehane.


Feel It Comin'

It's all goin down...My life is very chaotic right now. Dealing with personal situations, getting things together, working, and school starts back in a month-I'll be in my second year of college! Planning on having a really good one too. This year round, school will be way different than my first year for so many reasons...I'll be living on my own, new friends, new state of mind...and so much more. But I'm ready for the change. I'm working on getting a lot of things done before school starts because when it does, I won't have very much time on my hands. My number one priority right now is my custom shades line I have coming soon! Thanks to all those clients who have emailed me inquiring purchases and photoshoot orders-stay put! By the way, I also blog for American Apparel's California Vintage Select Blog so be sure to check in there as well!

Doin My Own Thang...


Friday Saturday Sunday

Its the weekend! What exciting pieces will you wear this weekend? As for me, I'm stuck home feeling a little bit "under the weather". But next week i'll be back in action, steppin' out in something kinda cute. I dont know, maybe a mesh button up? Who knows...

Hand It Over.

Are you sure this world is for you? And are you sure you are the right person to survive in this world—the world of fashion—a world with no rules, no laws? Answer that question honestly for yourself. Are you ready to accept injustice? The idea of the fashion industry may look better from the outside. It can look like the world of dream jobs—for a very happy few.”

Sweet Dreams

photo: Charlie and Binky


RAD by RadHoudini
Layer up honey, Fall is coming...

Let Me Upgrade You

“I have Kanye’s ‘Robocop’ video. I’m playing a robot through the whole video. Ninety-five percent of the video is just me,” Amber said. I have Complex mag, Elle magazine, Persona magazine — I have the cover to the back, the whole issue is dedicated to me,” she said of her upcoming publicity appearances. “I’m excited about that. … I definitely welcome it,” she added. “I appreciate all my fans. I definitely never expected it. I don’t wanna say I never wanted it. But … I just know a lot of girls, they go to modeling agencies every single day. That’s their life. A lot of stuff … just landed in my lap. I thank God for that; it’s really a blessing. I thank God for that — and Kanye, of course. Kanye definitely gave me the fast track to the top.”

-Amber Rose


TeenVogue Submission

Photo and entry I submitted to TeenVogue for the Snapshot Blog...
I am wearing an old faux fur coat made by Gap, a vintage Nike jersey tank, lame' nightfever leggings from American Apprel, combat boots, and a vintage Chanel suitcase-courtesy of my grandma! 
My style is everchanging, by the minute, by the day, by the hour. My outfit for tomorrow evolves from whatever may have inspired me today. Old highschool movies like Sixteen Candles, fashion blogs, and just walking into a store and seeing the visual merchandising on the mannequins gives me new ideas I love to play around with. 
Chanel is my favorite bag designer,most of the time you will see me wearing a vintage Chanel bag that I've gotten from my very fashionable grandma or that I've treasure hunted at vintage shops or flea markets. 
I am obsessed with my racoon tail right first I was wearing it on my belt loop but now you'll find it attached to whichever Chanel bag im sporting that day. 
I would love to bring back the old fashioned "dresses and heels" is a must-like back in my grandparents days!