Three Misses--and a Mister

Mr Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, and Keri Hilson are my target audience for my glasses line right now. They are the best of the best artistically and fashionably. I believe they will represent a really good look for the custom shades designed by Charlie Brianna. And given the fact that I am indeed a hustla, I am bound to make it happen. Think like a celebrity- be a celebrity. Think like a living legend--I will be a living legend. I will one day,soon and very soon, be signing autographs for my own fans in due time, and all those who didn't believe in me or the things I do will come knocking--im sure. And if they dont, hey thats cool too. With that said, I am destined to reach out to my future fellow entertainers with my product. Speaking of which, Thanks to Lil Mama for being one of the first rappers to rock the shades!!! Hold me to it! 

Last but not least, just thought I might throw in there that it is now a given fact-Lady Gaga and Kanye West WILL be touring together this fall with Akon as an opening act. You can count me IN,,,but until then-Live and Give...