Feel It Comin'

It's all goin down...My life is very chaotic right now. Dealing with personal situations, getting things together, working, and school starts back in a month-I'll be in my second year of college! Planning on having a really good one too. This year round, school will be way different than my first year for so many reasons...I'll be living on my own, new friends, new state of mind...and so much more. But I'm ready for the change. I'm working on getting a lot of things done before school starts because when it does, I won't have very much time on my hands. My number one priority right now is my custom shades line I have coming soon! Thanks to all those clients who have emailed me inquiring purchases and photoshoot orders-stay put! By the way, I also blog for American Apparel's California Vintage Select Blog so be sure to check in there as well!