Gotta Have 'em

nice n' sexy slick pair of leather gloves. . . 
Winter's a comin!

next up for my sneakas
Nike Vintage black Vandal High. Get in!

Newest Editions a La Closet!

just like I said I would!

new AA zippered leotard
AA unitard
AA acid wash jean short
and a couple vintage items from Cali Vintage Select. . .

More College Life Photos!

MY G's

school wide bbq picnic!
Marcus, G, and Alice
My top G
My top G
my daaaawg
Carlisha's Bday Shabang
Kai and Christine
fellow calartians
seeing a naked man or woman in the pool is normal here
blowdryed it into  frohawk
cant wait to get my naps done!
my place of self education time
my place of work inspired by Fashion Wall
get the feel of my desk. . .


What Ya Think!

If you ask me, if Beyonce has any competition it would be the fantabulous  Rihanna. Rihanna is fashion forward, has an edgy look, and holds a unique voice and style. I love Rihanna and think Beyonce, the "Queen" of the music industry could possible have some competition somewhere down the road. YES, Beyonce is a great artist but this is just my opinion! Beyonce is more of a high end fashionable artist with a classical edge. Two totally different artists but I think they can compete...

Beyonce's younger sister, Solange, just recently released an album and it sounds great!Could Beyonce have some competition on the way from her very own sibling? What do you think...

If you ask me, I think if Beyonce has any competition it would be the fantabulous Rihanna. Rihanna is fashion forward, has an edgy look to her, and has a unique voice and style. I love Rihanna and I think Beyonce the "Queen" of the music industry does have something to worry about. Yes I do think Beyonce is a great artist but hey, this is just my opinion. Get in!


 Last episode, while out on the road Q meets Dawn's family and meanwhile Willie fires up a mean cat fight. If you've missed it catch it here!


I'm a Mac...


Check it Out...

So as all you all may know myspace is a great place to network, so If you haven't seen it already go and check out my new dance page on

New Editions a La Closet!

Winter is coming and I gotta stack up on my wardobe!!! Urban Outfitters will do me good.
Ladies n gentlemen get on your goodfoot! Let's see who will be the most fashionable kids around town!




The Day

got my hair did
and did...
until I finally got to the school and got my KEY!
walked in the room and met my roomate
smiled about it
checked out the room a lil bit...
figured out some situations n thangs
shopped at Target for dorm room goodies
SUPER thanked my sister
and checked the receipt.
everything was good. the end.