A New Lifestyle

College is DOPE! Oh my gah, I've never had so much fun in two days while not even going out. Yesterday I moved to my new school's on campus housing. I had my parentals, big sister, big little cousin, and my boyfriend to physically help me with this life changing transition. Though I had my family to help me prepare and purchase all the items needed to accomodate my comfort zone and dorm room. And I thank them! I especially thank my sister "B" for helping me, our Target receipt was four feet long thanks to her! I would have an empty room if it weren't for her. SO i got to the dorm and met my roommate Lorrin who is so cool and retarded at the same time. (hi lorrin:) Met her, found out there was a mandatory meeting at 9pm so my plans to go back to LA for one night were ruined, went to Target with the fam for at least one whole hour, drove all the way back home to get the remainder of my things, and back to my new dorm to continue setting up. This school is THE SHIT everyone loves everyone and is so excited to meet everybody. Not just their friends or who looks cool. So far everyone is embraced here and loves it! I can't even begin to tell all the fun we've had from everyone sitting in their dorms with the doors wide open for anyone to come in and introduce themselves, to having speed walking contests in the "never ending hallway", to dancing in the student parking lot, sleepovers with people we just met and feeling comfortable already, hopping in the pool, sitting outside at two o clock in the morning in a big gigantic circle with students from down the hall, oh my gah. There's so much more but I'm sure every reader is tired of reading this so enough about it. But I'll post pictures later, peace!