Dancin' Machine!

one of my fellow CalArts student photographers came to our ballet and modern classes to get some dance shots, here's what he got of Charlie!

(see my lovely Binky behind me)
too bad it's blury!

MTV's My Super Sweet 16!

The 80's party episode I am dancing on should be on airing soon, stick around! Until then, just click here to see me at rehearsal! (Left hand side of the screen in all black)

The G1!

T Mobile's newest phone just recently released, the G1! 
  • Easy access to Google
  • Applications
  • 3MP Camera
  • Touch Screen
  • Bluetooth wireless
SOUNDS FUN TO ME! Hmmm... Shall I?


Headhoods is the individual work created after a little coffee buzz...
OBAMA everywhere!


Yerrrp! Shirt worn by designer, B.
Yerrrp! Shirt worn by Taboo of Black Eyed Peas
Yerrrp! shirt worn by Fergie of Black Eyed Peas

red suspenders with three studded back straps. can be worn with a t-shirt or whatever you want! Adds a little flare to a simple outfit.

studded beanie,great for the winter with a sense of style! Comes in black, burgandy,and olive green.
Yerrrp! Shirt worn by Simone

Hey! New designer in LA by the name of "B" has just recently launched a few of her hand made designs to be available to the public! Custom orders are greatly accepted. To see a few things, click here to see more!Black Eyed Peas members Fergie and Taboo have been seen with Yerrrp! tee shirts on, supporting B's new clothing line. Check it out!!!



Celebrating Collin's Birthday

You know we got down at the party. salsa music, then techno, then hip hop and R&B. 
Muy Muy Divertido!


I love it.


London Fashion Week

a couple frames from London Fashion Week. Naomi Campbell and company strut down the runway showing the crowd what it's all about!

to see more, click here!

The Art of Style

Are you really a fashionista? It takes more than getting dressed everyday and being the flyest kid in town, really get into what it takes to be a fashion enthusiast. Read some fashion mags, do your research, visit Antique Stores and Thrift Stores. . .but most of all, get into this book! This book is being sold at your local Urban Outfitters or Barnes N Nobles for as cheap as $15.99. It's a great investment,check it out!


A Typical Night At School


Many readers have been asking why the delay of new posts?
Well, I've been extremely busy with my new lifestyle and I'm still adjusting to it. College is amazing I love every bit of it, but I just haven't had the time to even come around to blogging. 
NO I am not retiring. Consistency of new posts shall soon return, but until then- bare with me. Check in every weekend there oughtta be something new!


I AM...

Vocal extraordinaire and fashion diva, Beyonce, is releasing her new album entitled "I AM" next month on November 8th! With two singles already out and winning, this album might suprise us with a different taste. Lets see!