pass me a hanger, its new to my closet...

Today Is Tuesday.

I had a shoot with American Apparel today, went great it was quick and easy. loved it! Sat around and watched baby boy with my girls and came home for dinner! yum! I've got a lot of independent projects I'm working on and planning on paper. Lots of things coming your way soon.All of these creative juices are flowin' and I gotta let the world know somehow other than in the form of this blog. And it will happen,soon and very soon. I won't just be a socialite...I'll be a living legend. My purpose is to create, perform, and inspire. And that is what I am doing. So these things may not be happening as fast as you would like to sit back and watch them happen, but trust me. Its happening. My life has changed ever so much this year, and it just got deeper in these past two weeks. Losing something that was so fortunate to me may not be as bad as it seemed that day. Things are picking up in other areas of my life and had I been where I'm supposed to be, I'm not sure these endeavors would take place. So sit back and relax my friends...
Charlie Brianna coming soon to a billboard near you.

Loves It

So I Admit...

Red Leather

Today I'll be running errands with my sister as she picks up pieces for a TV Pilot that she'll be styling later on this week...Sonya Tayeh's dance class....and Ambie's baking cupcakes for me in effort to make me feel better in my time of need!

American Apparel

Royal Blue White Gingham Short Sleeve Button Up

Vintage Leather Skirt
Nylon Tricot Cycle Shorts
Deep Dijon Seed Stitched Trouser Socks
Oxford Boots




White Halter Bodysuit
Circle Denim Skirt
Lace Biker Shorts
Vintage Oxford Boots

That New New

New Artist, Eva Simmons...could she be in the same stylistic path as Lady Gaga? Only time will tell...

Nothing Short of Amazing

You Are What You Eat

Time Is Tickin'

my next watch...moving up each time until I finally lay my hands on that good ol' Michael Kors watch.


Live Fancy

I spend evenings on the moon and stars...

Head Over Heels

I'm not an everyday heel wearing girl,maybe not yet, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of these...
living for platforms.

Black & White

a few pieces I just added to the rack...

Thrill Me

Pink Lips and Diamonds

Old Rag Tee
Lame Midnight Mini Skirt
Grandma's White Diamond Ankle Boots