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Let's make black history everyday one month is not good enough.


50th Annual Grammy Awards


  • Beyonce and Tina Tirner Perform together, as they say Beyonce` is the new generation's Tina Turner.
  • Kanye West accepts the award for best rap album for Graduation after performing a tribute to his mother.
  • Rihanna poses with the award for best rap collaboration (with Jay Z) for 'Umbrella'- look who has a new hair do!

dance auditions.

(pictured below: I was a nervous wreck walking into the doors of CalArts)

so as you already know, I had two auditions yesterday and they wore me out completely. But they were both definately worth the damage. I auditioned for my dream school,CalArts in Valencia, to be a student of The Sharon Lund School of Dance. The audition consisted of a ballet class,a modern class,a solo,ten minute choregraphy, and a wonderful campus tour. This fun filled event kept me from 9 in the morning until 2pm. I was extreeemely hungry when it was all said and done. So I went to a nearby In 'N Out and grabbed a double double meal. Flew down the freeway to make it on time to my Debbie Allen audition that I made! I am now a part of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (dada) and I am veeery happy about it.Well, hope I get that acceptance letter from CalArts soon and very soon!


dont push my BUTTONS.


So I was browsing thru my camera and I came across this picture that I took over the Summer.
I found this car while taking a class at SMC. Somethin about old fashion cars excites me. And I want this car!!! It's picture perfect. Nothing more- nothing less.

kinda nice...


Adidas Original and Diesel come together to collaborate on a denim collection. The collection will be released this Spring season. Check out the pics."The denim comes both washed and raw in black and indigo colors, some washed pieces also with further customization. The Adidas logo appears on the back tag, the side, the bottom of the denim and also some rivets have been replaced with the Adidas logo. All in all a pretty complete denim line with rather subtle branding. The Diesel logo appears on the front pocket as usual. On one side we prefer this collaboration over what Puma did with Evisu, simply because the collection is more subtle and concentrates on the denim and the washes rather than the branding. On the other side, the question is, if people want denim with Adidas branding? It's not exactly a sign of quality for denim. We will see, once they land in store. "


hands down to 3000.

my favorite verse of all time. Where there is cheese there are RATS-wherever there are rats there are CATS.
Wherever there are cats there are DOGS-if you got the dogs you got BITCHES--
Bitches always out to put they paws on your RICHE$.
If you got riche$ you got GLITCHES--
If you got glitches on yo life computer turn it off and then reboot-ah
Now you back ON. Cant just put the cap on thee old bottle,
Once you pop it that'll spoil it gon' and drink it and enjoy it uH!
Momma I'm a millionaire. . .

New Semester.

first day of class-and I am ABSENT! New Semester; new classes, new teachers, new seats, new books. All that. Unfortunately, I somehow caught a little taste of the flu yesterday. So now I am missing school, not there to claim my front row seat. Well, this is my last highschool semester and I am pretty darn excited about it! Ready to live that good ol' college life.


who will you vote for?

my dad has his money on obama.and my momma-does too.

photo of me.

at my favorite location; on the bench-under the tree. :)