dance auditions.

(pictured below: I was a nervous wreck walking into the doors of CalArts)

so as you already know, I had two auditions yesterday and they wore me out completely. But they were both definately worth the damage. I auditioned for my dream school,CalArts in Valencia, to be a student of The Sharon Lund School of Dance. The audition consisted of a ballet class,a modern class,a solo,ten minute choregraphy, and a wonderful campus tour. This fun filled event kept me from 9 in the morning until 2pm. I was extreeemely hungry when it was all said and done. So I went to a nearby In 'N Out and grabbed a double double meal. Flew down the freeway to make it on time to my Debbie Allen audition that I made! I am now a part of the Debbie Allen Dance Academy (dada) and I am veeery happy about it.Well, hope I get that acceptance letter from CalArts soon and very soon!