so, here's the latest gossip on Charlie's lack of posts: its been told that she is moving and has been so busy with packing- AND - in the midst of all of this, her laptop completely died on her lap and hasn't even been able to upload last weeks exciting photos. While we all await the interesting peace to be added to the roots, she's at least back with the ensemble of the week. Here it is!

SIMONE (click here)
styling and wardobe designed by "B" of Fresh Fest...
for styling/designing requests and information contact

Korean VOGUE

It has finally been done! Teenage model, Chanel Iman has SOLO landed a cover on the Korean VOGUE magazine!
Iman is a Korean/African-American model from Atlanta, USA. She was picked up by Ford Models in her early teens from where she started an early career. If you don't know about Chanel Iman she's the next "big thing" to happen in the modeling industry. Here's a few more pics of the young fly and flashy. . .

want to know more about her? visit

Teen Vogue FashionUniversity '08

I've applied and I hope I get in! All accepted applicants will be notified by September 15. crossing my fingers! :)

TEEN VOGUE FASHION UNIVERSITY is a weekend-long event where you choose the classes you want, meet who's who, learn what it takes-and have fun along the way. Plus, meet TEEN VOGUE editors, Target's latest designers, celebrity guests stylists, and more!


Coco Chanel Three Weeks

Famous photographer Douglas Kirkland is releasing "Coco Chanel: Three Weeks 1962", a series of photographs he took of Chanel in Paris 1962. Shall be interesting!

Three Stipes!

next addition to my sneakers! will be released at _ _ _ _ _ on September 20th, 08.

(I don't really like to tell everyone where I get my shit from)

Ensemble of The Week!

street fashion is always better than "Celebrity Fashion", although some of us are local celebrities ourselves , we don't think we're too good to wear the same thing more than once- duh! you just wear it a different way. Come on now people lets use our brains. Another reason street fashion is better is because the money spending is different. Okay celebrities have lots of money but hello, the cheaper you buy the more you get. Why should you go out and buy a $10 thousand dollar bag just because you have the money to do so. Let's be wise and continue to shop the way we already do when we start makin' money.


Pose 4 The Camera!

NOW FLIC, FLIC! Yesterday I had a photoshoot with a supercool photographer by the name of "T". I had so much fun shooting with her and I look forward to doing it again. The preparation for the shoot the night before was nerve wracking and made me not even want to have a stylist anymore. But the next day once we got to the shoot everything worked out just fine. Interested in having a photoshoot anytime soon, check out her portfolio at

Celebrity News Feed!

Spotted yesterday in West Hollywood, California...Rihanna walking down Melrose at Starbucks then toUrban Outfitter$ to shop! my place of work :) However, this time around Rihannas outfit wasn't so stylish to me. I've seen her cuter, but whatever! She was at my job.


My Life In The Sunshine

SO! here's a little updation station for you all. I'm on my way to fame and I've been a little busy besides work. Last week my talent agency sent me on an audition for an MTV Super Sweet Sixteen Episode to be a dancer for the girl's party. Its an 80s themed party and will be taking place October4. I booked the job so you all will be seeing me again on another episode of Super Sweet Sixteen. 
Also, I've been asked by Mr. Lucky himself (choreographer in LA) to be in his Carnival piece for the month of August. Carnival is a dance showcase put on my groups of dancers from all different locations held every last Wednesday of the month at The Key Club on Sunset in Los Angeles. I can't quite remember the entrance fee but if you're interested in being in the audience information will be posted at a later date! This month, carnival is next Wednesday August27.
This Thursday I have a photo shoot in Beverly Hills for my dance/acting head shots. Its only two days before the shoot and my wardrobe is nowhere near complete. But with my unique eye for fashion, my closet, my sisters closet, and my extremely creative sister and stylist- we can pull it through! Other than this, I'm working on my most current personal project which is my biggest kept secret and won't be revealed just yet...stay tuned! :)


Want one? Yerrrp!
Yerrrp! Is an upcoming tee shirt line By Fresh Fest. . .designed by B.
Are you ready for it?
for information on purchasing a tee shirt contact


Vote U-N-I 4 MTV Breakout LA Artist! Watch Performance

Support my big brothers Y-O and Thurzday, together known as U-N-I; an Inglewood Native Hip Hop group on their way up to the top! "Shoppin cart fulla fake hip hop artists...", as Weezy would say.
but with the addition of U-N-I to the hip hop game,we can save hip hop. These dudes are so dope you gotta vote for them,check out their Myspace page at

Night Out On The Town

stopped at the Beverly Center after work,
Dono's dinner party at HardRock Cafe`
found this extremely interesting,eye catching lady. then it was crazy, I saw her the next day on Melrose while I was on my lunch break.
left the party. . .
and had a bathroom photoshoot!
night was fun...but it didn't end here. whew!


The Best of Trench Coats

by leifsdottir 'left bank' found at Nordstrom's
by Soia&Kyo found at Nordstrom's
found at Urban Outfitters
also found at Urban Outfitters
In the past,trench coats have been worn by wrinkley little old ladies in black and white films or by the heavy gothic teens roaming the halls of your school. However, with fashion and a creative mind you can turn what's NOT into what's HOT. For this Fall/Winter think about throwing some of these into your wardrobe. As I will be doing so...

Best Dressed

Twenty-five year old Agyness Deyn has officially stolen the crown for me. Aggy appears to be only about 20 years young and is the absolute most funky fresh dressed to impress-and certainly does impress-model in the industry. She has an amazing style (or an amazing stylist) and always keeps me on the edge of my seat! If you don't know about ol' Aggy...get with it!

Can I have em, Please?

I'm dying for these Vintage Chanel Gold CC earrings! I searched this pair specifically on ebay and I am currently bidding on them for an unbelievably low price with only 30 minutes left! (you'd be amazed at how high the price will have jumped once the bid is over). Hopefully I get 'em!
If not,someone can always suprise me with these classic Chanel earrings that can be found at your local Chanel store which happens to be on the infamous shopping streets Robertson, or Rodeo Drive whichever is most convenient for your gas tank:) (Los Angeles)


Rock the Bells!

(old flyer)
is today and I'm missing itwhich i have no excuse to do so becuz i found out about this at least way back in February. I'm slippin! So for all you heads for real hip hop enjoy! and the 18+ after party is free i might just go to that...


The actor and comedian, Bernie Mac, has died of complications of pneaumonia and lung failure at the young age of 50. How depressing and unexpected this is to all of us, may he rest in peace.


DADA Shows photographs

The dance master herself (lol). Debbie Allen

The Dark Knight photographs