My Life In The Sunshine

SO! here's a little updation station for you all. I'm on my way to fame and I've been a little busy besides work. Last week my talent agency sent me on an audition for an MTV Super Sweet Sixteen Episode to be a dancer for the girl's party. Its an 80s themed party and will be taking place October4. I booked the job so you all will be seeing me again on another episode of Super Sweet Sixteen. 
Also, I've been asked by Mr. Lucky himself (choreographer in LA) to be in his Carnival piece for the month of August. Carnival is a dance showcase put on my groups of dancers from all different locations held every last Wednesday of the month at The Key Club on Sunset in Los Angeles. I can't quite remember the entrance fee but if you're interested in being in the audience information will be posted at a later date! This month, carnival is next Wednesday August27.
This Thursday I have a photo shoot in Beverly Hills for my dance/acting head shots. Its only two days before the shoot and my wardrobe is nowhere near complete. But with my unique eye for fashion, my closet, my sisters closet, and my extremely creative sister and stylist- we can pull it through! Other than this, I'm working on my most current personal project which is my biggest kept secret and won't be revealed just yet...stay tuned! :)