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Styled by Charlie Brianna
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"Like Mother, Like Son"

Special thanks to Philthy Ragz!

The Biker Jacket

The Biker Jacket
Coming soon to the blog is my guide to transitioning from Summer to Fall, but in the meantime, be on the look out for your fav biker jackets because this is the first step!

Stay tuned...
To reach your highest potential, you have to make up your mind to not live in frustration because of the fact that your current state is uncomfortable. Keep on Keepin' On.

Lady Luxe

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This multicolor silk throw was a gift that my sister designed and made for my trip to Hawaii earlier this year...and now I  pulled it out for a pretty Summer day in LA!

red leather lunch bag by Lamar Williams
heels by Steve Madden

Too Busy Making My Dreams A Reality...

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Who IS Charlie Brianna?
I am now 23 years young, a stylist assistant, designer/owner of Blindfold Eye wear, and ex-dancer. Dancing was always my number one passion, until 2009 when attending California Institute of The Arts became circumstantially impossible- and that's when my passion for fashion really began to soar. Though I've always been into getting all dressed up, I didn't become active in the fashion industry (building a legit resume) until Fall 2009. Four years later, I have an ever growing resume and I am thankful for all of the opportunities I am continually blessed with.

I decided this post was necessary for my blog because I receive tons of emails, texts, and Facebook messages asking for advice on how to get started as a wardrobe stylist, or even in the fashion industry in general. Although I have yet to become the legendary Fashion Mogul that I will one day be- I have undoubtedly accumulated a ton of business knowledge, and it has been a never ending learning experience thus far.

First things first, set a concrete goal for yourself, write it down, and persistently work towards it. These days, we have the world at our fingertips, and all it takes is research, reading books, and productivity. If becoming a stylist is your desire, here's my advice to you: Intern at PR firms, in the fashion department at magazines, and/or as a wardrobe assistant to already established stylists. You have to be willing to work for free before you start making money. Period. Collaborate with fellow aspiring photographers, stylists, and models to see your vision come to life. Read fashion blogs and websites. And like my dad always says, "Surround yourself with positive people and those who share similar interests". If they dont serve your higher purpose, gotta let em go.

Innovation. Not only in fashion, but in every business it is imperative to be innovative. Here's a few questions to ask yourself frequently: Why will my outreach be better than the next person's? What makes what I  have to offer unique? How can my approach in the fashion industry be one that is impactive and timeless? How will I stay relevent?

Network. Believe it or not, networking is a 'bread and butter' kinda aspect of the business because unfortunately (and sometimes fortunately), it's all about who you know more so than your talent. Go out to social events in your field. Whether it be fashion shows, trunk shows, release parties, launches, installations, etc. Networking is almost like selling yourself. You may feel uncomfortable at first but it's better to have said too much about yourself than too little. ALWAYS introduce yourself. Try to have business cards at all times...And last but not least, follow up! If you make a connection, keep in touch. Persistency is key.

"There's always someone who wants your spot. And there's always someone who has been where you are now, but isn't willing to share advice." So stay humble, and stay hungry. This is not a game. All you see is GLAMOUR, but behind the scenes is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. You have to be tough to get through each and every day as a wardrobe stylist, as each day is different and it's not always easy...

So until next time, I'll leave you with this; 
Be innovative, be creative, network, stay inspired, and most importantly, stay hungry.

Charlie Brianna

Black Fashion...or The Lack Thereof

As a Black American aspiring Fashion Mogul, I'm going to address an issue that has been running through my mind for a little while now...which is- the absence, and lack of respect towards Black American culture- fashion especially, within America. Outside of America as well...
Last year, French Elle dropped a racial bomb on Black Fashion (however, the article was so disrespectful in a round-about way that it was removed from the site.) 
In a nutshell, Nathalie Dolivo proclaimed that 'Black people' have never had style, and did not begin to put forth effort until Michelle Obama, and that she was our guide to fashion. NONSENSE. Blacks have known style and fashion since the beginning of time. In fact, a lot of trends, street styles, and runway designs are highly influenced by black culture...
That particular article amongst many others- are proof that we need more black Fashion Editors, black Designers, black Photographers, black Models on the runway and to grace the covers of the magazines.
A lot of times I am the only black person on set of the gigs I work on...
be it commercials, videos, or editorial.
This has been my motivation to continue to work diligentally toward the goal to becoming one of the most uniquely influential Fashion Editors and tastemakers this industry has ever seen...

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I'on Pop Molly, I Rock. . .

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Tom Ford wins again with his amazing Spring 2014 Menswear collection. 
It's bold, it's crisp, it's sexy, it's legit.

God Is Love

A lot of times I think we as people get so caught up in Earthly things, that we lose sight of what's really important...Through chasing your career dreams, your love life, your happiness, your future...the mission is incomplete without the faith, belief, and agreement with GOD. 
Don't allow cicumstances to rob you of your agreement with God of your future. Dont believe the haters, nor the difficulty- that's temporary. It's not the word that will bring your visions to fruition, it's your BELIEF....
Just never forget the power of agreement.
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blazer by Vince
'J'aime God's Hearte' tee by pRaise Clothing LA- purchase here
Cut 'n Sew Men's Levi's
Denim button up
Vintage Leather Geography Duffle Bag


B L A Z I N'

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Thanks to Tiffany of LoveJonesReconstruct for gifting me this dope cropped vintage Blazers Jersey!

How do you wear your Jersey?