How Chic Is Your Conversation?

Don't get caught slippin' with the incorrect pronuniciation of fashion's top designers and brands. Know your stuff! Here's a fun video 
i-D Magazine created to clear up any confusion you may or may not have when it comes to designer names!



check please.

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Jason Markk Flagship Store Opening

Hey guys! So as you may know, I've been working with Jason Markk a lot lately styling his ad campaigns and how-to videos. JM just recently opened a flagship store in Little Tokyo, offering sneaker cleaning services...think dry cleaning, but for sneakers. Be sure to stop by when your footwork needs a re-up!
Check out more of my latest work with Jason Markk here...

Wang Wit' It.


Advanced Style; I N S P I R A T I O N

Advanced style...what better way to put it? I am probably Iris Apfel's number one fan, and these ladies just won my vote as well! I find nothing more liberating than elders believing that you never have to stop. Age ain't nothing but a number and style is forever. Personality is forever. Self expression is forever. Life is what we make it. These women are believers of beauty, confidence, and style that can only be achieved through a life lived glamorously. If I could just meet every one of them and bask in their glory...

Girls of Blaze

chill pill.



Photographer. Justin Henry
Stylist. Charlie Brianna
Hair. B. Thomas
MUA. Lucky Sin 
Model. Rubina Dyan of LA Models
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 photo Rubina13_zpsb5ecc525.jpg

 photo Rubina18_zpscfcf4a3f.jpg



By Yves Huy Truong
Styled by Charlie Brianna
Model. Bridget Lam of Two Model Management
MUA. Christina Asai
Hair. Giovanna Avila

 photo cY76eewNdff36GB8yhNFfhUxi1hxkU8Q0F07vDdkNdUYVVvaUWvcKOpZWnGJqPoqfv9AsHAjYCvrkm3HU-bNsI9qqFYed56zUu4q8IFnBoToPNpdR0-gpfLPExd_zpsbb4ea6a0.jpeg

 photo Diptic_zps825d511f.jpg
 photo ynTxy8nUxplGK3RR-jyXDpKRz1L2t0tuxhy9ZUHfz-Y--caRclYYKZ2Jz5UnZrC5MMb-gLsZaX-I1UD1P2ohrAG_NulAulX3_oG67dDLx1jTNCDbdqzFNOsmn1h_zps24b43811.jpeg

 photo Eo9lGajmrhzwH0KETfETIOkIxW74x0NjX4zmbDro4w88dMIFr-z6MMrkCVQi8r01nJkHn4R4TYhTb2XbBLiSrgaHCo1GcdwApf2jwUBLYwGml4df64MbcG7zC1U_zps35f94018.jpeg

 photo nkPLCOr8vowzEvA3hb5c3cZ2JQcilyITfUl-raVfBSYRRxg2hzFFgVRJhRdL5aizMeIKNlkaDi76jWV_CA4vcg8JoG7IjyphbV7JY1QTA2kZL3QNXRjBpP-cJnx_zpsbf84cad7.jpeg

 photo GJ7WHknjmqguF1Oh7Mol4dc0OlXnDOOc0jgjtBzoACU33YpRZIqe42lSWRGISKtv9tSCtwkDWierods0uPWq3kDwSu8YMcvF0bNVI4l81SUIH3C2sVrATJxW_yE_zps4136ea83.jpeg
Model wearing Philthy Ragz, Helmut Lang, Yohji Yamamoto, Zara, Acne Studios, Christian Louboutin, Nike, Topshop.

Jason Markk 2014

 photo JasonMarkk5_zps23e787cf.jpg  photo JasonMarkk4_zps57f3fbb1.jpg  photo d5597cf7-1177-4afd-ae27-90839a5d54bc_zpsa5ba7629.jpg

Jason Markk.
Styled by Charlie Brianna


Nick Cannon. VIBE Magazine.

 photo vibe_NC_302_zpsc076e3f1.jpg

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55DSL x Arkitip x Aaron De La Cruz x Birkenstock Launches

Who would have thought that the brand I witnessed my mother wear the most when I was growing up, would be a hot commodity when I'm twenty-something?
Last year, there was a Birkenstock epidemic. EVERY shoe designer (high & low) was knocking them off! I even snatched a leather pair from happens!

But this pair right here......


AU NOIR: Eromomen by Milan Carter

 photo unnamed_zps562dbf74.jpg
 photo unnamed_zpsf398154e.jpg
 photo unnamed-1_zpsd1732742.jpg  photo securedownload-5_zps9c5d0927.jpeg

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If money grew on trees. . .
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INSPIRATION: Juliana Schuring by Sebastian Kim for VOGUE Australia

 photo IMG_4705_zpsf7384036.jpg  photo IMG_4706_zpscfd9bc8e.jpg  photo IMG_4707_zps0e9b9a88.jpg  photo IMG_4708_zps142e0019.jpg  photo IMG_4709_zpsc6cc6cb3.jpg  photo IMG_4710_zps2110dbe4.jpg
Not only is the stying so subtle yet impeccable, but this is more of an inspiration for my personal style. Elevated sporty...which has been my vibe since day one. I'm not a tom boy, but I'm also not the girliest of girls! 
And this right here......
Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Rodarte are just a few of many designers stylist Katie Mossman has used to create Sebastian Kim’s futuristic sporty chic spread.