I was recently in France to attend Paris Fashion Week Mens. I was invited to a few shows + presentations so I made a trip of it! Given it was my first time, I made sure to also do a ton of exploring and touring the city...and the best part of it all was being alone! I learned that traveling alone internationally is NOT the same as traveling alone domestic. My solo experiences in Europe were a reflection of my personal interests and open spirit...I think I was more intrigued by the beauty and architecture than I was with Fashion Week! 

Aside from the shows and partying til 6am every night (Parisians go HARD!), I shopped on Rue Saint-Honore, Place Vendome, Galeries Lafayette, visited Musee du Louvre (finally saw Mona Lisa), Palais de Tokyo (Andy Warhol Exibit), enjoyed the amazing cabaret show 'The Crazy Horse', and obviously spent some time at the Eiffel Tower taking a trillion touristy photos....
those were the highlights of my trip & that pretty much sums up my time in Paris!