Adidas Original and Diesel come together to collaborate on a denim collection. The collection will be released this Spring season. Check out the pics."The denim comes both washed and raw in black and indigo colors, some washed pieces also with further customization. The Adidas logo appears on the back tag, the side, the bottom of the denim and also some rivets have been replaced with the Adidas logo. All in all a pretty complete denim line with rather subtle branding. The Diesel logo appears on the front pocket as usual. On one side we prefer this collaboration over what Puma did with Evisu, simply because the collection is more subtle and concentrates on the denim and the washes rather than the branding. On the other side, the question is, if people want denim with Adidas branding? It's not exactly a sign of quality for denim. We will see, once they land in store. "