I Just Wanna Dance

Let me bring you into the things I have to go through as a dancer...its one of the most difficult fields to be involved in for a number of different reasons. In this field of entertainment, a serious dancer needs an agent. I am in fact a part of Bloc talent agency, one of the best agencies in Los Angeles and New York. With that said, this is how it works. My head shots are placed on casting websites where agencies and independent artists seek jobs and casting takes place. Unfortunately, agencies receive calls about different auditions at the very "last minute"-which leaves the artist (myself) the only option of notification at the last minute as well. I can be downtown shopping on a sunny day in Southern California and receive a call or email from my agents letting me know about an audition I need to attend that day, or the next day and such. That only leaves me with very little time to figure out how to go about the audition. I could be prepared with wardrobe in my car (which i have learned to keep a bag of clothes in my car), however, things are little different when im not out shopping but im in fact at work. Being at work is my only source of income aside from booking jobs that i audition for. If I'm at work and I have an audition, i have to go through the most stressful process of finding someone to cover my shift-which is the hardest thing to do at any job because the bottom line is,people dont care about why you need a shift covered or what it is that you have to do. And management doesn't understand what auditions mean to a dancer-it means showing your face, getting your name out, networking, and most importantly the possibility of booking a job.I know, so you ask why don't I just not have a job? Well, if I dont have a job I definitely won't have a consistent source of income-which is definitely what I need as a 19 year old. I would say college student but that's a whole another story that I'd rather not get into. Let's just say, they all say "Go to school, get your education" but when you tell them you don't have enough money to afford the ridiculously expensive tuition they're quick to say "Oh,just drop out and take the year off". Well okay, thanks for nothing. Its okay though, I WILL book a job this year or early next year. I will. I am claiming it. And when I do, I wont need my retail job or a school to give me my bachelor of fine arts. Thanks, and have a good day.