Thrift is my drift

Still no update on last week's exciting photos so I'll tell the story. My sister and I were informed by a good friend of mine at work about a Thrift Store that we had never knew about. We went to the store not knowing what to expect but with the outrageously cute things that my co worker always wore to work I had high expectations and didn't want to be let down. And what do ya know, we came UP! No I won't tell you where it is or give you any clues, but our thrifty finds will be posted this weekend! . . ."match maka match maka . . ." The best part about being a thrift shopper is that the things you buy are one of a kind and lots of people don't like the idea of a thrift store because the clothes are worn, but HELLO that is why we have washer and dryers, and that good ol' soap detergent- might I add jaw dropping low prices. So for those of you who disagree with it, I love you that much more because it only makes us stand out more! (laughs) But if you're reading and looking for that good ol' fashion advice go ahead and give it a try, you just might love it! But until then,

PEACEfrom the roots,
Charlie .