TeenVogue Submission

Photo and entry I submitted to TeenVogue for the Snapshot Blog...
I am wearing an old faux fur coat made by Gap, a vintage Nike jersey tank, lame' nightfever leggings from American Apprel, combat boots, and a vintage Chanel suitcase-courtesy of my grandma! 
My style is everchanging, by the minute, by the day, by the hour. My outfit for tomorrow evolves from whatever may have inspired me today. Old highschool movies like Sixteen Candles, fashion blogs, and just walking into a store and seeing the visual merchandising on the mannequins gives me new ideas I love to play around with. 
Chanel is my favorite bag designer,most of the time you will see me wearing a vintage Chanel bag that I've gotten from my very fashionable grandma or that I've treasure hunted at vintage shops or flea markets. 
I am obsessed with my racoon tail right first I was wearing it on my belt loop but now you'll find it attached to whichever Chanel bag im sporting that day. 
I would love to bring back the old fashioned "dresses and heels" is a must-like back in my grandparents days!