What's goin' on?

I'll tell you...Today is Monday,May 12. I went to my one class then recited my spoken word to Ms Paul. According to her,the content of my speech was amazing but I needed to bring it to life. She told me to say the speech with the same energy that I dance with. Imagine I was in a theater acting out my lines...that's the way she wanted the speech. I know its super dramatic but if I want that spot I'll do what it takes. Besides,it will be that much more interesting to the audience I guess lol. SO, I have to work on it. Other than that,here's what's poppin' (shakes head)...I have less than two weeks until prom-which is next Friday. My boyfriend and I are less then halfway ready for this wonderful occasion to be. However,my sister leaves town again tomorrow so we should be just about ready before she leaves (she's my personal stylist)...Unfortunately, I still owe the school $176 for lost text books over the years.That's a lot of money for three books,but whatever. Tuesday I take my behind the wheel test for the first time and hopefully I pass,God knows I need to. Also,I've got the senior breakfast,senior picnic,grad night,graduation,and the Debbie Allen Dance Recital coming up! I can't wait until all of these events have come and gone because I have my personal projects I'd like to get started on (my tee shirt boutique & my magazine), how exciting it will be. I plan on living it up this Summer-hopefully I get the job at American Apparel or Urban Outfitters,fun fun fun,getting ready for my move to CalArts! and even tho it most likely will not be the 3 week trip I planned on taking to New York, I'll probably just take a 5 day visit for now. Looks like I've got a lot I'm excited about cuz this is a super long blog. Peace!