Charlie at school on her eighteenth birthday...when the day was good!

Marques, Bobbie,Frankie,MikeD and I patiently waiting for three hours. . .before everything went bazooka...(you'd have been amazed at all of the underground drama that was in effect)

So as you all may know, and for those of you who are just getting to know me,or maybe just readers of my blog, my EIGHTEENTH birthday was last Friday, May 2. I knew it wasn't going to be all super exciting because I have a lot of senior year expenses and college deposits to make, so I couldn't do anything big. However, I planned to have a birthday dinner with a friend of mine who shares the same birthday,I figured that would be fun enough. Long story short, I was definitely wrong. All of my birthdays have been delightfully acceptable and exciting, this one however, was the absolute worst. Not only because of all the drama and foul actions that were made at the restaurant,but my friends even ditched me over the weekend. Fucked the plans and did their own things...and all of my family didn't even show up to lunch on Sunday.but hey, I'm 18 and I just had to get over it. I didn't dwell on it for a week like I would have if I were any younger, but I'm officially a young adult and it only upset me for the weekend. Which was okay, I had every right to be upset. So many lessons were learned that weekend, number one being that I am true friend and certainly have less than a handful.On the bright side,me and Marques had a good time together, he was there for me all weekend! And I got my first tattoo!