(pearl and diamond frames shown above)
Everybody wants to know...SO, here goes. BLINDFOLD has finally had the launch photo shoot with Maceo Paisley and the website+S/S10 Lookbook are under the works and will be ready for Spring. I know, I know...why the wait? BLINDFOLD is taking its time getting everything ready the right way=the best way. Rushing is not in my blood...well it is,because there's always super sus traffic on my way to work then I end up rushing to get there on time...but as far as BLINDFOLD goes. Baby imma do it, I'm takin' my time and doin' it right. You, You, and YOU will be blindfolded before you know it...yes I'm still hustlin' these shades in the meantime so if you see me in the streets don't be afraid to stop me and place your order, because if you don't-someone else will. With that said, stay tuned and if you're good I might tease you with a little behind the scenes video snippet or two...