808's and heartbreak

Kanye West- 80s and Heartbreaks- Dropped out of college. Then he re-enrolled, and, on his third album, finally graduated. Next, he was supposed to get a "good ass job."

Instead, he had his heartbroken. With life, expect the unexpected. Kanye West has had one hell of a year. West's first and only true love, and mother, Donda West, died from surgery complications. He's been arrested twice after clashes with the paparazzi, and he even called it off with his fiance`, ALexis Phifer. He's lived through blow after blow, and the album itself is a reflection of how reality can reflect art or vice versa.

So, with all that Kanye has been through thus far, it shouldn't shock anyone that shelved his original album title, Good ass Job, and recorded and album full of loss, vocal robots, and heartbreak.